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About The Dixie Gunsmith

The Dixie Gunsmith is Jamey Andrews of Union City, Tennessee.

Text Box:   Jamey began his career 40 years ago at the early age of 16 with Dixie Gun Works in Union City.   Dixie Gun Works reputation is well known in the Muzzleloading and antique gun business. By the age of 20 he was working full time building custom Tennessee Muzzleloaders for Tennessee Valley Arms.  After 2 years he returned to Dixie Gun Works as its technical Advisor and Head Gunsmith, positions he continues to fill today.  

The Dixie Gunsmith grew out of the everyday calls he receives at Dixie Gun Works from customers needing general gunsmithing on their muzzleloading, black powder and antique guns.  At Dixie Gun Works he is responsible for all of the warranty repair work on the guns they sell.  However,Dixie Gun Works offers no general gunsmithing services to the public. They only offer warranty work on the guns they sell.

Text Box:  It seemed only natural that Jamey would seek to establish a service for customers needing gunsmithing on such brands as Pedersoli, Uberti , Pietta, Thompson Center, CVA, Traditions, as well as for their original and custom guns and antiques.  Services are also available for muzzleloading rifles, pistols, revolvers and some black powder cartridge guns. 

With his knowledge and experience he can help you with your gunsmithing needs.


How to contactThe Dixie Gunsmith

Send mail to:
       Jamey Andrews

      4350 N. Hwy. 21
      Union City, TN
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